2012 Infiniti G37X AWD Rental Review, Avis/National


- 328hp engine, 7-speed transmission, excellent brakes, nimble handling
- Very comfortable steering wheel
- Well bolstered seats
- Nicely weighted steering feel


- Steering wheel could benefit from improved button layout
- Requires premium gas
- Uninspiring upgraded Bose audio package, some USB issues
- Cramped passenger room, small-ish trunk

CONCLUSION: Excellent sports sedan rental, especially for one to two persons.

I recently rented a 2012 G37X sedan from National; the “X” in the moniker suggests that the vehicle is all wheel drive (AWD) capable.  The X trim only adds AWD and “snow mode” capability over the base Journey trim.  For the 2012 model year, there are no new changes to the X and Journey trim (minor cosmetic differences on the upper level Sport 6MT trim line).

This particular G37X came well equipped, and included other options such as the Premium Package (+$2,350; power sunroof, rear ultrasonic sensors, dual memory selectors, power tilt & telescoping steering wheel, 9 speakers + 1 subwoofer Bose Premium Audio) for a total, as rented price of $41,245.  The addition of AWD slightly decreases fuel economy to 18/25.  This G37X had around 8K miles on it, but was in perfect condition inside and out.

For a complete look at the G37 Sedan, refer to my earlier review on the 2011 G37 Journey Sedan (base trim only).


Mr. Pixel Rally was unavailable for this photoshoot, so all pictures were taken on my cellphone camera.  It’s been awhile since I’ve driven the G37, and my initial thoughts were- “wow, this car is screamin’!”.  As I noted in my 2011 review, the G37 has a fantastic sounding engine.  Brakes are excellent, handling is nimble, seats have great side bolstering.  Moreover, the steering wheel is supremely comfortable to hold.  It has two ideally located thumb-rests and flat sides.  The multi-functional button placement (as I noted previously), is not so great.  Oddly, the Infiniti M37 has a perfectly “modern” wheel with well incorporated buttons, not sure why Infiniti decided to persist with the G37′s particular steering wheel design.  Standard HIDs are very bright and offer wide illumination.

The steering feel is also excellent.  It has distinct heft and weight, yet not overbearingly so at low speeds (I’m looking at you, 2011 BMW 328i rental).

My complaints regarding the 2012 G37X are largely the same as with the 2011 G37 Journey.  Rear passenger room is cramped, and the large transmission tunnel doesn’t help either.  The G37 rental is probably better for just one to two adults because rear passengers have to put up with decreased legroom, hip- and head-room.  Trunk space is also on the smaller side, and only features a rear seat pass-through.  Despite this vehicle being equipped with the upgraded Bose audio system and rear deck mounted  subwoofer, the tonal quality sounded uninspiring.  Additionally, I endured some USB MP3 read errors that I have not experienced on other vehicles.

The 2012 Infiniti G37X is a sporty and fun rental.  Spring days are perfect for its mellifluous sounding revs.

Alternatively, the 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan is a similarly sporty rental with larger interior passenger room and comparable acceleration, but the Genesis lacks the crisp handling, weighted steering, and sport seats of the G37X.

For more information on the 2012 Infiniti G37X sedan, please refer to the manufacturer’s website here:


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