2013 Chevy Captiva Sport LTZ Rental Review, Avis/Hertz/National

2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_rear taillightNotable standard features on Avis/Hertz/National’s 2013 Chevy Captiva Sport LTZ AWD

  • 2.4L 4-cyl engine (180-hp, 172 ft-lb), 6-speed automatic transmission; 0-60 mph ~ 9.5 seconds (TTAC)
  • 22/28 (city/hwy) mpg fuel economy
  • Regular gas
  • 56.4 cubic feet trunk volume (2nd row seats down); 29.2 cubic feet trunk volume (2nd row seats up)
  • Power windows, heated mirrors, locks
  • Manual tilt & telescoping steering wheel with integrated audio and cruise control buttons
  • 8-way power driver’s seat, manual passenger’s seat, heated, leather
  • Automatic  headlights
  • Power sunroof
  • Single zone automatic HVAC
  • Rearview camera with rear parking sensors
  • 10 speaker audio with AM/FM/CD/MP3 (3 month Sirius subscription)
  • Inputs: Aux, Bluetooth, USB, OnStar
  • 60/40 split folding rear seats
  • Cruise control


- LTZ trim is well-equipped
- Audio system helps drown out road noises


- Rock hard dashboard
- Seats are too hard
- Noisy engine
- Harsh ride

CONCLUSION: GM has assembled the “perfect” rental car.  If you’re forced to rent one, try and get the LTZ trim.

You know how your mother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?”  Well, fortunately my mother never told me not to not say anything bad about rental cars such as the Captiva.  Yes, CRR readers, I took one for the team on this rental.  It’s no secret that Captivas populate the fleets en masse at all the rental agencies; they are the SUV of Chevy Impalas.  Well, one day I was driven in a bout of temporary insanity to try a Captiva.  Afterall, how bad can it be?

2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_front three fourths

The Captiva is currently a fleet-only vehicle.  It used to exist as the Saturn Vue, until that company’s demise.  It’s mechanically identical to the European Opel Antara.  And to think that the concept Opel Antara GTC was once a good looking vehicle!  GM has assembled the perfect rental vehicle; it’s a hodge-podge of a dated exterior design and an exceptionally cheap interior and powertrain.2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_rear three fourths

There is a slight silver lining however.  Captivas are plentiful in LS trim, but a large number of top-of-the-line LTZ trim Captivas can be found at most rental agencies, moreso at National Car Rental.

This particular Chevy Captiva Sport LTZ, with no other options, had an as-rented MSRP of $29,685.  Not cheap, I hope rental agencies are receiving a substantial discount!

If you’re forced to rent a Captiva, then try and snag an LTZ trim vehicle.  The LTZs are surprisingly well equipped, with a 10-speaker audio system, heated leather seats, a rearview camera with rear parking sensors, and a power sunroof.  The rearview camera was an unexpected bonus; like many other GM vehicles, the rearview display is shown on the left corner of the rearview mirror when the car is shifted into reverse.

2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_interior dashboard

The interior dashboard comprised what seemed liked the hardest materials mined on Earth.  I did like the idea of three large HVAC vents occupying the center stack, and what appeared to be a James Bond-esque ejection/hazard lights button.  The 10-speaker audio system sounded decent; there might even have been a trunk mounted subwoofer, but the bass was negligible.  The leather seats looked and sounded promising, but in reality seemed to be made of rock.  Especially the headrests.

2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_red hazard lights buttonIt’s not all bad, however.  The Captiva had good driver’s visibility, aided by the considerably outwardly extending sideview mirrors.  The steering was light, but manageable.

The Ecotec engine was noisy and not particularly fast, but at least the engine noises can be drowned out by cranking up the volume on the audio system.  The seats folded down easily for decent cargo space.

2013 Chevy Captiva LTZ_rear windshield, sunset

I’m probably being too harsh on the Captiva.  It might not be the sexiest, most comfortable intermediate SUV rental, but it got the job done (maybe with a little extra complaining thrown in for good measure).

For more information on the 2013 Chevy Captiva Sport LTZ, please refer to the manufacturer’s website here:



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  2. D37072 says:

    The captiva does have a USB but its in an odd place> You have to squeeze the tab on the cupholders and slide it back and its in a hidden compartment there. I have to tell my customers where it is all the time

  3. Interestingly enough, Chevy dealers will sell you a CPO Captiva.

    I’d wonder what people would choose if the Equinox and Captiva were side by side on the CPO side of the lot?

    Personally I have a soft spot for the Captiva due to it’s previous life as a Saturn. Interesting that the dash wasn’t soft touch on your example, perhaps they’ve done some fleet only cost cutting from the Saturn/Opel variant.

    In any case, irritatingly, the compact CUV segment seems to get a interior quality pass from the press for reasons I cannot fathom. From the Equinox to the outgoing RAV4, the majority of entries have “cheap and cheerful” interiors which aren’t particularly great as the sticker price increases with options.

  4. Greg Bentley says:

    I bought a 2012 Captiva LTZ fully loaded with AWD and the V6. I love it! It’s a much better vehicle than the Nissan Rogue I traded out of. Plenty of power, very quiet and a great open road cruiser! I have people stop me all the time asking what it is? And the other day while stuck in traffic beside an Equinox, the couple in it couldn’t stop checking my shiny Captiva out. It’s fun to watch peoples expressions since there are not many of them on the road yet.

    • carrentingreviews says:

      Thanks for visiting CRR, Greg Bentley!

      Glad you like your ’12 Captiva LTZ. Rental Captivas unfortunately don’t have the V6 option, so I’m sure yours is a better drive.

  5. Marlena says:

    Love my 2013 Captiva LTZ, just drove it from Florida to Indiana was a great ride. Much nicer than the Chevy Cruze as far as riding.

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